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The Top Ten Rules for Dog Training in Gold Coast

Dog training is an important part of being a good dog owner, that is a fact. Dog training in Gold Coast is not supposed to be about teaching your dog a number of neat tricks and have him entertain you and also the family. It is all about teaching him that there are rules in any given scenario and he needs to be able to act appropriately. Here are the top ten tips that dog owners need to learn in terms of training their pets.

1. When teaching your dog, you should be absolutely firm. Dogs have the mentality to count themselves as part of the pack, so establishing yourself as a pack leader is a necessity. So any time you give your commands, deliver them with authority.

2. Start only with the most standard of obedience commands such as sit, stay, come and down. If you teach them with something more complicated, their motivation will decrease.

3. Avoid using negative reinforcement in your dog training. So you shouldn't shout, yell, hit or do something that can hurt your pet. Rather than that, develop a system where the punishment is no reward.

4. To ensure maximum motivation for your dog, use a reward which is his absolute favorite. If it is his favorite treat or food, then he will certainly be motivated throughout the session.

5. Only train your dog at the height of their motivation. What does this mean? For example if you are giving him food incentives, the most effective time to train would be right before his meal.

6. In terms of a reward system, timing is essential. If your pet presents a correct response to a command, give your rewards no later than half a second.

7. When offering your rewards, try not to overdo it. The incentives ought to be consistent with every correct response. For a good and obedient response, give them a small treat or praise.

8. Make your commands short but loud and crystal clear. Avoid repeating your commands too. Dog training in Gold Coast is all about turning your words into absolute commands, rather than suggestions.

9. Whenever you wrap up a training session, always conclude it on a positive note. Always see to it that you compliment your dog when ending the training as this keeps them encouraged enough for the next session.

10. Keep in mind that every training session really should be a fun activity for you and your pet. If you feel like you are not up for it, then postpone the coaching for another time.

Just keep in mind dog training in Adelaide just doesn't occur overnight. It requires that you have determination and of course patience. Just recall the guidelines that were provided for you and you should be able to count on positive results in no time.